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Are you enjoying the cold weather? The early days of February brought in chilly temperatures, thanks to the northeast monsoon or amihan, characterized by cold and dry air coming from Siberia or Mainland China. According to PAGASA, the amihan season will last until the third week of the month. But aside from the cool relief the weather brings, it also comes with risks.


 Sipon or Common Colds. Research shows that the cold virus survives and reproduces more effectively during this season, making it easier for it to spread and infect people.  To reduce the risk of getting a cold, observe proper hygiene, such as washing your hands often with soap and water. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands, and stay away from people who are sick. 


Trangkaso or Flu. To avoid flu, short for influenza, avoid close contact with people who are sick, cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, and disinfect frequently-touched surfaces at home.


Asthma. Cold weather triggers asthma attacks because cold and dry air irritates the airways, causing their muscles to spasm.  To prevent this, outdoor exercise should be limited. 


Sore throat. Cold air usually dries out throat tissues, causing severe irritation. To avoid sore throat, frequently wash hands and sanitize frequently-touched things. Always cover both neck and head when going outside. 


Dry skin. During this season, our skin’s moisture easily evaporates, making skin tight, flaky, and dry. To lessen the dryness, use moisturizers and gentle soap, and avoid bathing in hot water.


Whatever the weather is, make sure to observe proper hygiene, and take precautionary measures to lessen your exposure to viruses that may trigger these illnesses.


In the meantime, enjoy the sweater weather while it lasts!