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10 Activities to Keep Kids Entertained during Quarantine


Now that the government has imposed an enhanced community quarantine until April 14, 2020, parents may be worrying about keeping their kids entertained and stimulated at home.  The good news is, there are many fun and creative options to keep those tiny hands and growing minds busy. 


Here are some suggestions: 



  • Arts and crafts – Some artists hold free online arts and crafts classes on their websites and Facebook pages. They use simple materials that can be readily-found at home.  Check them out here:







  • Cooking or baking – Cooking (or baking) is an important life skill, so what better time to teach this to children han now? Besides, it is a great parent-child bonding activity. Here are some kid-friendly recipes: 





  • Exercise – Being cooped up at home doesn’t mean being sedentary. Herw are some exercise videos on YouTube for children: 






  • Chores – Whether is as simple as putting toys away or something as complicated as doing the laundry, household chores teach kids about responsibility and hard work. Here, you can find a  list of age-appropriate chores:





  • Gardening – Whether you have a garden at home or a just a few pots, getting your child involved in taking care of your plants promotes family bonding and teaches kids about  responsibility.




  • Reading – Developing in your child the love for books widens their vocabulary, stimulates their imagination, and improves their concentration. There are free children’s books online here: 





  • Jigsaw puzzles – Puzzles are a fun way to develop your child’s problem solving skills, concentration, and patience. If you don’t have puzzles at home, there are free printable ones on the net:





  • Worksheets and online tutorials – Some schools have shifted to e-learning and online classes with the suspension of classes. If your child’s school is not implementing e-learning, don’t fret. Learning doesn’t have to stop because classes did. Here are some online resources for children of all ages: 





There are also online tutorials here: 





  • Movies – Watch movies that are appropriate for the whole family. Schedule a movie night complete with popcorn and chips. 




  • Pray – Whatever your religion may be, praying together as a family will strengthen your faith and help you diring this difficult time.