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Declutter your Home in 10-easy steps


Because the New Year is all about fresh starts and perspectives, clearing the mind is a must. To achieve this mental clarity, one needs to first clear his or her surroundings. And the easiest to way to jumpstart this change is to declutter your home.

With tips we’ve gathered both from the web and Lifestyle Specialist Carole Guiam, here are ten easy ways you can work your way to a clean, clutter-free living space:

1) Create shelf space.
Dispose of old magazines and books by donating them to a local library.

2) Aim for mean, clean kitchen.
Check and clean your pantry for expired canned goods. Transfer the contents of near-empty bottles of liquid seasonings to smaller containers so they don’t occupy too much space in the pantry.

3) Streamline your wardrobe.
Make it a habit to check your closet every 6 months and dispose of clothes that are no longer in use. The same goes for accessories and footwear.

4) Give, give, give.
Each year, we receive gifts from friends and relatives that we don’t really like or have no use for. Keeping them in a cabinet will just take up space. According to Guiam, there’s no shame in recycling gifts as long as you give them to people who’ll find them useful.

5) Be a boxing champ.
Invest in sturdy boxes wherein you can store things you don’t use often but will still use in the future. Label them and stack them in a corner for easy access.

6) Declutter one room at a time.
So you won’t be overwhelmed with the task of decluttering, break down the task in bite-size steps. You can allot an afternoon of each day for clearing a particular room. Make this a habit to avoid accumulating possessions.

7) Go through your drawers.
In each room, start checking drawer by drawer. Take out all the
unnecessary things, from dysfunctional gadgets to old compact

8) Have fun with numbers.

Some people declutter better when given a limit. Try the 12-12-12-challenge–that means 12 items to throw away, 12 items to donate and 12 items to restore. This is a fun way to de-clutter your home with your family, especially with kids.

9) Sell or give away.

Garage sales are a great way of earning while getting rid of furniture and other household items that you no longer find useful. Another option is to donate to charitable organizations such as the following:

Caritas Manila
Drop off point:
Caritas Manila 2002 Jesus St., Pandacan Manila or Radio Veritas office along West Avenue cor. EDSA, Quezon City
Telephone: (632) 564-0205 to 562-0020 to 25
Fax: (632) 563-930

Save the Children Philippines
Address: 3/F Midland Building, 1040 EDSA
Magallanes Village, Makati City 1232
Fax number: (632) 853-0215

10) Be a discriminating consumer.
Clutter is nipped in the bud most effectively when you buy only the things you really need. Spend only on the necessities and live simply—you’ll be surprised with how much you’ll save and how much more content you’ll feel.