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4 Factors That Start A Wildfire And How To Avoid It

The natural environment is a precious gift for everyone. Although most people live their lives without even realizing how important the natural ecosystem is, we truly believe that we all must take awareness about not only this topic but about all the problems that are related to the management of natural resources.

Water And Air Pollution In Crowded Cities

Among the most essential natural sources of energy, there is water. Rivers provide a large amount of electricity thanks to specific breakwaters and dikes to take advantage of the energy of the water flow. Think for a moment that Las Vegas casinos have been recently accused to consume too big of the amount of energy, which turns out into air pollution due to the need for massive production of the electricity.

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This is also a reason why many land-based casinos have been moving to the virtual world of the internet, so they can reduce their consumption of energy and air pollution in Las Vegas. As a consequence, the industry of online gambling is growing all across the world. There is plenty of interesting places like https://www.india-casinos.com/slots where the gamblers can access top high-quality games directly from their homes. It surely helps reduce the emissions of CO2 in many areas of the globe, especially where there is a high concentration of land-based casinos like in Vegas.

Air is another very important resource from nature. And it's entirely provided by trees. That's why preventing wildfires is also a big task.

Damages Due To The Wildfire Season In The US

North America is particularly rich in forests, but it's also where a hard wildfire season occurs every year. This period of the year starts in June and it goes on all through September. During these months, the amount of destroyed forests is extremely significant.

A couple of the most common causes of wildfires in the American forests include hot temperatures along with drought conditions, especially in certain areas like California. Just to give you a clue about the size of this big problem, consider that by the end of June 2020, the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection in California worked on almost double the number of fires that occurred in the whole season in 2019.

Moreover, there's a negative datum about the increase of wildfires in the US during the last two decades. Many wildfires can't be prevented so easily, but there is much that everyone can do to understand what can cause a wildfire and how to stop it. First off, know that three factors are needed for a wildfire to burn: oxygen, fuel, and heat.


factors that cause fires

Any inflammable material can become as dangerous as a bomb under the sunrays. Persistent sunlight can ignite the inflammable material and start a fire. This is a very common cause of many wildfires in California.

As you know, forests are the best places in this world where you can find fresh oxygen released by the leaves of the trees. This means that a wildfire can burn and destroy the surroundings with even a stronger power when there's fresh oxygen available in the air.

The action of heat is the same as a lighter for a cigarette. It sparks the wildfire and starts burning the fuel to higher and higher temperatures. This is what causes the ignition of the fuel and the origin of the wildfire.

If humidity is enemy number one for fire, drought is its best ally. Drought condition facilitates the spark of a wildfire along with hot temperatures. It's not a random fact if most wildfires in the US take place in Montana, Idaho, California, Colorado, Oregon, Wyoming, Washington, all places where the levels of humidity all through the year are very low.


How Can You Avoid A Wildfire?

If you go for a trip to a forest, don't throw your cigarettes around. Even a small waste of cigarettes can be enough to start a fire. Make sure your vehicle doesn't have fuel or oil leaks. Once you leave the place, the fuel or oil fallen on the ground may start a fire after hours under the sunlight.

Many people love to prepare a front-lake barbecue in the forest. If you have to start a bonfire for cooking some meat, keep control of it, and don't allow children or kids to play around. If a toy or anything else starts burning, the fire may extend to clothes, tableware, and anything else around.

Finally, don't organize a trip to a forest during the wildfire season. Keep updated about the situation by listening to emergency alerts about critical aspects of the forest where you want to go.