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Bonding with Nature: Panahon TV goes to Mount Makiling!

Among the top outdoor activities that continue to gain popularity today is hiking. Aside from the physical exercise, it is also a best way to reconnect with nature, breathe fresh air, and escape the hustle and bustle of the city life.

On January 9, 2016, Panahon TV, together with AIR21, led a tree nurturing and cleaning activity in Mount Makiling located in the province of Laguna. The contour of the mountain is believed to be the sleeping profile of Maria Makiling, a mystical and legendary character that inspired folk tales, poems and legends.

After an approximately two hours from Quezon City, our team finally arrived in the vicinity. There I learned that we will be joined by some residents of Makiling and members of the University of the Philippines – Los Baños, Makiling Center for Mountain Ecosystems (MCME). The more, the merrier!

But we weren’t here only for the physical challenge, we came to give Mother Nature a helping hand. Safety gloves, trowel and other planting tools…ready!
The participants were divided into four groups and were handed bags of fertilizer, which will be distributed among the plants and trees. It was my first time to visit Makiling and my first nurturing activity as well!
We have the heart, not only for weather reporting, but also for nature.
Dr. Nathaniel Bantayan from UPLB Laguna said he was looking forward to more environmental activities in the future.

Meanwhile, Panahon TV Executive Producer, Donna May Lina, also welcomed everyone and encouraged us to continue participating in activities like this. She mentioned the importance of protecting and saving the planet from the adverse effects of Climate Change.
Planting trees is great help in combating the challenges of Climate Change. Since greenhouse gases from human activities are the main cause of the warming planet, we have to be responsible for our actions.
Trees absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas which comprises the major concentration in the atmosphere. Aside from reducing carbon, trees absorb water during heavy downpour, and are a source of clean air.
We enjoyed pulling the grass, digging the soil and putting fertilizer. The scorching heat did not stop us from finishing our task – to make Mother Nature smile!

We made it! It was a little slippery on our way down. Some of my groupmates and I slipped at least thrice, I think. But we were okay, still safe and laughing! We were able to go back to our station earlier than the schedule.
A bit tired and filthy, we changed clothes, hydrated ourselves and took a brief rest while waiting for our lunch.
This tree nurturing and cleaning activity was also a celebration of UBE Media’s 12th anniversary. Everyone sung a birthday song before blowing the big purple cake.
Our team also prepared presents for the kids in the Makiling community.
The activity and the program ended so well. We thanked everyone who participated, hoping to see more faces the next time we vist.

This 2016, don’t forget to include Mother Nature in your resolutions. Lend some time to protect, save and bond with her in your own simple way.