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June 4: It’s Hug-Your-Cat Day today!


It’s Hug-Your-Cat Day today!

Cat owners are encouraged to give an extra dose of affection for their feline friends by giving them nice, big hugs this day. Despite being celebrated for years, the origin of this day remains to be a mystery. It is mostly observed in the United States of America but in other places, it is celebrated during May. However, since June is “Adopt a Cat” month, it seems more logical for the majority to observe this day on the same month.

Delving a bit into history, cats were considered sacred in Ancient Egypt. Their skill in keeping crops and fields rat-free, as well as their ability to kill poisonous snakes were held in high esteem by Egyptians. A symbol of grace and poise, cats were mainly praised in Lower Egypt, where the Cat God Bastet was worshiped.


Today, we give honor to the cat’s prestigious history by putting this animal back on the pedestal. Make your kitty feel special with a meal of tuna or maybe even a bit of catnip, a plant of the mint family. Neurologically, it is said that catnip brings out the feline’s “happy” pheromones. When eaten, your cat may become very mellow. Not all cats react to catnip though, apparently it’s an inherited sensitivity and only 70% of the cats react to the said treat. Catnip high lasts between 10 minutes to an hour wherein they roll, flip, rub or zone out.

If catnip is not available, just pet your cat, rub its belly and indulge in some skin-to-fur cuddling because showing them affection can also be healthy for you!

Studies suggest that cats’ purrs assist with healing. With frequencies between 25 to 150 Hertz, their low rumble promotes healing by lowering blood pressure and decreasing stress levels.


If you don’t have a cat, why not hug someone else’s cat? But do remember to find a willing cat– otherwise, the agitated feline might scratch or bite. Meow!