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How to take IG-worthy Photos

Nowadays, traveling is more than just a private experience. Ever since social media has become an important part of our daily lives, uploading pictures online lets us share travel memories with friends and family. But instead of doing the simple point-and-shoot in taking photos, why not make your captured memories extra-memorable with these simple tips? We guarantee better-looking pictures and—who knows?—more likes on your Instagram account!

Lighting makes a huge difference.

The lack of adequate light results to dark or underexposed photos, obscuring details you want to highlight. The same problem occurs when there’s too much light, leaving details washed out or overexposed. When in doubt, go take the photo outdoors. Sunlight is the go-to lighting when making your subject appear natural and vibrant.

Not all phones are created equal.

If taking pretty photos is your priority, go for the phone that has at least a resolution of 8 megapixels, 2GB Ram and an extendable memory capacity of 32GB. These specifications would help you to quickly capture high quality photos.

Compose your shot.

Pictures tell stories–something you can better achieve with good composition. Here are some of them:

  • Rule of Thirds this is where you place your subject approximately 1/3 on the left or right side of the frame.

Photo by Edmar Adriatico


  • Flatlay – If you’re interested in documenting food, souvenirs and other inanimate objects you can compose, this is a good way to make your photos visually stunning. By taking a top shot of your subjects, you can experiment with spaces, texture and colors. Remember that despite the different elements, the final product should be cohesive in telling a story.
Photo by Jash Gonzales
  • Foreground this allows the viewers to see a layered image.

  • Leading Lines from the word itself, it leads the viewers’ eyes to the subject.
Photo by Renz Ventura

Choose your pose.

Travel photos are not complete if you’re not in it. Remember these pointers to make yourself look more photogenic:

  • Posture – Don’t slouch as this makes your tummy bigger. Stand straight with your chest out and stomach in. To make the pose casual, angle one side of your body toward the camera. Experiment with different angles to learn your most flattering one.


  • Smile – To achieve the ultimate candid shot, take several photos while laughing with your summer buddy. This is how the models do it! This also lets you choose the best one from a variety of shots. To know which smile suits you best, try smiling in front of the mirror. Remember that the best-looking smile is one that reaches your eyes. 
Photo by Renz Ventura
  • Be Confident – Whether you’re in a two-piece swimsuit or a muumuu, wearing make up or going bare-faced, remember to face the camera with full-on confidence. 
Photo by Karla Sapinoso & Jaymie Cariño

Though photos are essential in capturing your experience, the more important thing is to enjoy the moment. Also keep in mind that photos don’t only go with travel, but also with everyday things. You don’t have to go to the beach to take a winning picture; even at home you can take a picture of the things you do: playing with your pet or cooking your favorite meal. Aside from the beautiful scenery, these are also the memories you’d want to keep.


By Decelyn Labnao, PanahonTV Intern