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A GREEN 2018

Welcoming the New Year comes with well-loved traditions. Aside from the midnight dinner, fireworks displays and the annual purging of belongings, the New Year is also an opportune time to set goals. From eating healthier to saving up money, people are listing down their resolutions for 2018. Such promises often involve self-improvement, but if you want to hit two birds with one stone by also helping the environment, we suggest adding these items to your list:

  1. Say no to plastic.
  2. Durable, affordable and water-resistant, plastic makes up 79% of the things we use every day. Despite its convenience, we must face this inconvenient truth: most plastics are non-biodegradable and endanger both the environment and our health. To stop the usage of plastic bags, local governments are implementing the Senate Bill No. 2759 (Total Plastic Bag Ban), which is “an act prohibiting the use of plastic bags in groceries, restaurants, and other establishments, providing penalties for violations.” As a responsible citizen, it is our obligation to give back to the environment the life that it has been providing us.
    Watch this report to find out how we can protect our planet from being wrapped in plastic:


  3. Eat and live green.
  4. It’s no secret that we, Filipinos love to eat. Back in 2013, a study conducted by Sun Life Philippines showed that 37% of an average Filipino’s monthly income of P20,000 is spent on food. But instead of buying and spending more for food, Filipinos—even urbanites—are encouraged to grow their own food. Despite the lack of space, urban agriculture makes it possible to plant vegetables and fruits anywhere in the city.
    Find out how you can eat healthier, cut down your expenses and even discover a new fulfilling hobby from this report:


  5. Climb more mountains.
  6. Back in the day, climbing the highest peak of a mountain was done as a sacrifice or show of devotion. But today, trekking has become a hobby that highlights nature’s true beauty, a pastime even made more popular by social media. With climbers posting pictures of their adventures, more and more people are getting into this inexpensive activity. And the good news is: some mountains are just near the city, helping trekkers cut down on their travel cost and time. Trekking is found to relieve stress, improve cardiovascular strength, and strengthen relationships.
    For a quick climb near the metro, check out this report:

    Caring for the environment means caring for yourself. As we welcome the New Year of 2018, do so with a heart for nature and future generations. Have an eco-friendly 2018!
    – By Panahon TV intern April Aranzanso