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To bring or not to bring on election day?

Election day is just around the corner! To help you enjoy hassle-free voting, here are a few reminders:

What to bring?
• Your list of candidates. According to the Education and Information Department of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC), voters may bring their “kodigo” or list of candidates they are planning to vote for. This saves time, and saves you from possible forgetfulness once you’re faced with your ballot.
• Voter’s ID/ valid ID/ registration stub. This proves your identity as a registered voter.
• Water. Drinking water keeps you hydrated amidst the heat, and makes you more focused in choosing the right candidate. Better bring your own reusable tumbler so you can save the environment!
• Small towel. Because of the heat, a small towel comes in handy in wiping off sweat. Wipe your hands dry before receiving your ballot because in order for the VCM (Vote Counting Machine) to work properly, ballots should be dry.
• Fan. Cool down with a manual fan in case the electric ones do not suffice.

What NOT to bring?

• Sample ballots. Election precinct sample ballots may be considered as campaign materials, which are prohibited on election day.
• Voting receipt. Do not keep the voting receipt. Drop it into the Voter’s Receipt Receptacle located beside the VCM before leaving the polling place.
• Ballpens. Voting precincts will provide marking pens. Leave them in the precinct for other voters.

The COMELEC also reminds everyone that taking photos of the ballots, voting receipts and the screen of the VCM is prohibited. Every vote counts; be a responsible voter!