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Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon, founder and chairman of the Global Peace Foundation (GPF)  with his wife, Dr. Jun Sook, and speakers and guests at the International Forum on One Korea 2022 on 13 August 2022 in Seoul, Korea.

International experts and media gathered on 13-14 August 2022 for the International Forum on One Korea 2022 with its theme:  Free and Unified Korea: a Catalyst for Regional and Global Peace and Development at the Fairmont Ambassador Hotel in Seoul, South Korea, and Zoom.    Dr.  Hyun Jin Preston Moon, founder, and chairman of the Global Peace Foundation keynoted the event.  Dr. Moon cited the great Korean tradition of Hongik Ingan which is living for the greater benefit of all humanity as the basis for ensuring the mission of reunifying the Korean Peninsula and global peace. 

Hon. Choong-whan Kim, Co-Chair, Action for Korea United; Secretary General, Parliamentarian’s Society of the Republic of Korea and Mr. Jim Flynn, International President, Global Peace Foundation gave the opening remarks.  Hon. Jong-kul Lee, Standing Chairman, Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation, Former Five-Term Member, National Assembly of Korea also gave a congratulatory message.  

Featured speeches on various perspectives on the theme of global peace and unification were given by the following:  Hon. Sang-min Lee, Member, National Assembly of Korea (Democratic Party) Hon. Moon-pyo Hong, Member, National Assembly of Korea (People Power Party) Col. (Rtd.) David Maxwell, Senior Fellow, Global Peace Foundation; Senior Fellow, Foundation for Defense of Democracies, USA, Hon. Nobuo Tanaka, Former Executive Director, International Energy Agency, Prof. Dr. Musdah Mulia, Founder, Mulia Raya Foundation, Dr. Kriengsak Chareonwongsak, Chairman, Nation-Building Institute; Former Prime Ministerial Advisor of  Thailand; Senior Fellow Harvard University, Ambassador Ashok Sajjahanhar, Former Indian Ambassador to Sweden, Ambassador Jargalsaikhan Enksaikhan, Chairman, Blue Banner; Former Mongolian Ambassador to UN.  

In the afternoon, the topic of peace and security was discussed. Speakers from the international community offered a variety of perspectives highlighting the need for communication and understanding, especially during this time of climate change, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and technological changes.  

The following experts spoke at the peace and security session:  Mr. Yeqing Li, Senior Fellow for Northeast Asia Peace & Development, Global Peace Foundation, Dr. Kyung-young Chung, Adjunct Professor at Graduate School of International Studies, Hanyang University, Dr. Hyun-wook Kim, Professor at Korea National Diplomatic Academy, Mr. Doug Bandow, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute; Former Special Assistant to President Reagan, USA, Dr,. Nan Li, Research Fellow, Institute of American Studies, China Academy of Social Sciences, Dr. Sachio Nakato, Professor of International Relations, College of International Relations, Ritsumeikan University, Dr. Vladimir Ivanov, Adjunct Senior Fellow, Stimson Center, Dr. Jagannath Panda, Head of the Stockhom Center for South Asian and Indo-Pacific Affairs, Dr. Marge Ballesteros, Department of Education of the Philippines, Dato Latt Shariman Abdullah, Former Political Secretary, Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr. Fennieka Kristianto, Vice Rector, President University, Indonesia.


Young Artists performing at the Action for Korea United Festival on 15 August 2022 at KINTEX. 

Coinciding with the 77th year of liberation of Korea or Gwangbokjeol,  the Global Peace Foundation (GPF) https://www.globalpeace.org followed with an event called Action for Korea United Festival with messages of commitment for unification of Korea from various leaders from Korean organizations and a peace concert with young Korean artists on 15 August 2022 at the KINTEX in Seoul, Korea.  Dr. Moon emphasized the aspirations of having One Korea in achieving global peace.  


Japanese Occupation in Korea  https://www.korea.net/AboutKorea/History/Independence-Movement

On 15 August 1945, the Japanese occupation in Korea ended. 


With Korea’s liberation, the Korean Peninsula became two nations, North Korea with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and South Korea with the Republic of Korea. 

Philippines Participation in the Korean War 

The Philippines sent 7,420 Filipinos http://www.philembassy-seoul.com/dafa.asp to fight in the war between South Korea and North Korea.   One of the notable soldiers who fought in the war is the late Philippine former president Fidel V. Ramos. 

The Korean peninsula has not reached a peace agreement to this day and the Philippines continues its commitment to supporting its peacekeeping duties to Korea. 

Korea Today
South Korea has been performing very well in development as reported by the World Bank https://www.worldbank.org/en/country/korea/overview while North Korea continues to be insulated from the rest of the world with its continuous use of nuclear tools.  Korea has not been exempted from the effects of climate change as the heaviest rains recorded over 80 years were logged on 8-9 August 2022. https://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20220809000051

The Global Peace Foundation
The Global Peace Foundation (GPF) https://www.globalpeace.org is an international non-government organization present in over 20 countries that work on peace-building initiatives, education, and social entrepreneurship projects.  By 2025, on the 80th year of liberation of Korea, the GPF will be walking alongside 10 million peace-loving citizens of the world in a peace walk from South Korea to North Korea to realize its commitment to lasting peace.