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First Person: Documents and Tests Needed for Travel to South Korea

   Information for PCR Test at the Incheon Airport


While we are still at the state of the COVID-19 pandemic, https://www.who.int/philippines/news/detail/11-03-2022-opinion-is-the-pandemic-ending-soon

travel and safety protocols have been changing from country to country.  

These were the documents and protocols needed to be done for travel period 12 -16 August 2022  from the Philippines to  South Korea.  Please allow enough time to process documents,  check with travel and public health authorities  for updated information and guidance. 

Departure from Manila 

Travel Documents 

1. Valid Passport -must be valid more than 6 months


2. Korean Visa  


3. Ticket


Medical Documents 

  1. VAX Certificate 


     2. Certified DOH Lab Results PCR Test 48 Hours before flight or Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) 24 hours before flight.


     3.  Download the Q-Code to submit your Health declaration for Korea beforehand or you can manually do so upon arrival. 


     4. For South Korea, traveler needs to take also a 

          PCR-Test upon arrival and can be booked on this site:


Relevant Resource: 


Travel Tip:

*Keep an digital file in one place in your phone that can be accessible offline. 

*Print hard copies that you can present to  travel authorities. 

*Always bring a ballpen.

Arrival in Korea 

      1. Present Q-Code or manually fill up Health Declaration Form.


      2. Fill Up Arrival Card at the airport. 

      3. Present Passport, Visa and Arrival Card at Immigration.

      4. Fill Up Customs Declaration Card at the airport. 

       5. Take the scheduled PCR-Test.


       6. Submit PCR-Test Results on Q-Code.

Departure from Korea to Manila 

  1. Passport
  2. Visa
  3. Ticket
  4. VaxCert 
  5. PCR Test Results from Korea 
  6. Bureau of Quarantine One Health Pass. Download and save QR. 


*If you shopped in tax free refund stores, submit receipt and get refund from the Tax Refund Kiosks. 

Items can be hand carried or checked in but must be ready for inspection before check in. 

Arrival in Manila 

    1. Fill Up Arrival Form and Customs Declaration Form on  the plane. 
    2. Present One Health Pass QR code  upon arrival
    3. https://onehealthpass.com.ph/videos.html
    4. Passport and Arrival Form for Filipino residents/ for Non-Filipinos other documents needed.
    5. Fill Up and Submit Customs Declaration Form.