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Though weather these BER months may not be as cold as that in previous months because of the El Niño ( ), we cannot deny that we’ve been waking up to cooler, crisper air these past few weeks. To make sure you’re prepared for the weather changes, keep these five things in your bag.

1 jacket
A no-brainer essential when it’s cold, a jacket can also be a handy way to protect you from the sudden rains. Opt for hoodies that can keep your head dry and warm during cold, rainy days.

1 scarf
If wearing jackets is not your thing, shawls and scarves are fashionable ways to keep warm. There are several ways to wear them too—as a shrug, as a wrap, as a neck warmer. With several designs and colors to choose from, these accessories don’t only make you look good; you can also use them to wipe off sweat, as a pouch, or as a blanket for an impromptu picnic! When it’s sunny, use it to cover your head as a stylish sunscreen.

1 lotion
When cold weather comes, expect dry skin. That’s because the air holds less moisture at this time. To prevent skin from drying out, which makes it more susceptible to skin breakage, always bring a small bottle of lotion, which you can apply several times during the day.
1 lip balm

During this season, our lips are also at the mercy of cold weather. Avoid chapped, cracked lips by regularly using lip balm. Remember that lip balm is not just a girl thing; there are plenty of untinted lip balms guys can use. Moisturize your lips because extreme dryness can lead to sores, which can be pretty painful.

1 water
During cold weather, our bodies sometimes lose their sense of thirst. Be conscious of your water intake, and always bring a bottle of water with you at all times. This helps keep you hydrated and energized even when it’s cold.