Photo Credit: http://www.lookandremember.com
Photo Credit: http://www.lookandremember.com

As more schools shift their academic calendars from the traditional June-March to August-May, more students will have classes during the blistering summer heat–which means their vacation will now coincide with the monsoon rains. With this, plans for a sunshine-filled break just won’t cut it anymore. But students, take heart! Even if it’s pouring outside, you can still make your rainy vacation worthwhile.

Marathon movies
Now, there’s no better excuse to bum around at home with a good movie and a bowl of freshly made popcorn. Curl up in your bed and watch movies you missed in theaters, or catch up on your favorite TV shows.

Pamper yourself
Soothe your aching body with a trip to the spa. Relax beneath the expert hands of a masseuse, and sweat out your stress in the sauna. Go all out and get your nails and hair done.

Experiment in the kitchen
Since rainy days are almost synonymous to staying home, why don’t you try and improve your culinary expertise by whipping up something you’ve never cooked before? You can also look for a new recipe or reinvent an old dish. Here are some dishes we love to eat this rainy season.

Arrange trips to the museum
Enjoy a blast from the past and plan a trip to the museum. Feast your eyes on visually filling masterpieces and educate yourself on various cultures.

Make time for reading
Whether you’re conquering the Iron Throne in Westeros or leading the rebellion in Panem—whatever your book of choice is, now is the time to let your imagination run wild with the written word. If you don’t have a dusty pile of unread books, take a trip to the nearest library and get lost in the authors’ awesome worlds and words.

Sweat out by doing some indoor exercises
Staying home doesn’t mean being an unhealthy couch potato. Achieve your fitness goals by doing some indoor exercise like Pilates or yoga. You may also follow an instructional disc of Zumba or search Youtube for a sample workout video to burn off those vacation calories.

Ride the waves
You may still go to the beach even when it’s raining as the season promises more waves to ride for surfers. Be extra cautious though as there might be threats of storm surges. It’s best to err on the side of caution; cancel your surfing expedition when the waves look too big or rowdy for you to conquer. Make sure to listen to weather advisories, and choose an able companion when planning your trip.

Get your game on
Scream along with your buddies while playing a video game, and enjoy the thrill that comes with finishing each level. If you prefer being old school, you may also take out your board games or a deck of cards. Don’t forget your supply of snacks to make the day complete.

Organize tea parties with your besties
This activity can be fun for both girls and guys. Enjoy a traditional tea party by crushing your own leaves and preparing tea the traditional way, as opposed to just dipping a teabag into hot water. Let the tea calm your nerves as well as warm your insides while the rain pours outside.

Practice your writing skills
With nothing on your mind, you can finally squeeze out your creative juice. Who knows? You might just be the next J.K. Rowling. If you’re not aiming to be published, you may also write a journal to record memorable events of the day, which you can read years from now.

No need to whine about the calendar shift! Learn how to adapt with the season and make the most out of your rainy break by being creative with your time.


The Ridge of High Pressure Area remains to be the dominant weather system, bringing higher temperatures in the Philippines today.

It will continue to bring partly cloudy to cloudy skies or fair weather over Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. However, localized thunderstorms are still expected to form in the afternoon or evening.

You can expect the same weather scenario this weekend, according to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA).

Today, Metro Manila’s heat index may reach up to 40.2 degrees Centigrade, the agency added. Everyone is advised to take precautions.



State Meteorologist Buddy Javier states that the Hot and Dry season may last until mid-June. By then, the winds will start to shift and usher in more rains.

But in order to fully establish the end of Tag-init, PAGASA has certain criteria in determining the onset of rainy season in the country, particularly in areas under the Type 1 climate, which produces two pronounced seasons:
1. Dry – October to March
2. Wet – April to September

In order for the agency to officially declare the onset of the rainy season, the following conditions must be present:

1. A total rainfall amount of 25 millimeters or more in a five-day period or at least 1 millimeter of rainfall per day in three consecutive days.

2. Criterion #1 must be met in at least five of the following climate Type 1 stations:
* Laoag
* Vigan
* Dagupan
* Iba
* San Jose, Mindoro
* Metro Manila
* Ambulong
* Iloilo

In order for Metro Manila to be counted, at least 2 out of 3 Metro Manila stations (Science Garden, Port Area, Sangley Point) must have met the first condition.

Rainy afternoons and evenings are here again.  So before heading out, it’s best to be prepared with rainy weather essentials that are both practical and easy on the eyes. Here are some tips from celebrities on their must-bring and must-wear items when it’s pouring outside.

Photo from official Instagram account of Ginger Conejero
Photo from official Instagram account of Ginger Conejero

An entertainment reporter and a morning show anchor for more than four years, Ginger Conejero is also known for her impeccable sense of style—something that was honed when she joined Miss Philippines Earth in 2006, where she was declared Runner-up as Miss Philippines Air.

What do you wear on rainy days when you have to go to work?

On rainy days, I try to be as comfortable and warm as I can because the last thing I need is to worry about is my outfit not giving enough protection or being inappropriate for the weather. Printed leggings with a loose top are a go-to for me with comfy boots to keep my feet warm.

If I need to be dressier, I opt for a dress that can be paired with a moto-jacket and booties. If the weather is on the gloomy side, I tend to go for gray, dark blue and maroon to burgundy colors.

How do you keep your things safe and dry? 

Boots or booties are essential rainy weather footwear for me. I really don’t like getting my feet or the inside of my shoes wet because it’s hard to dry them out.  I usually have a bigger, water-resistant bag that I put my stuff into so I can keep my purse and other important things dry.  But if the rainy weather is unexpected, I just go with the flow. Getting wet won’t kill you so there’s no need to get overly maarte about things getting wet.

What’s your stylish rainy day outfit?

Leggings with a stylish top or sweater is the way I tend to dress on rainy days. If I need to wear a skirt or dress, I usually pair it with booties. Also, a scarf always ties an outfit together and is a fave go-to of mine, because it doubles as a shawl over my head in case of sudden downpour.

Photo from official Instagram account of Melissa Ricks
Photo from official Instagram account of Melissa Ricks

Landing a spot in a reality talent search ten years ago paved the way for Melissa Ricks to fulfill her dream of being an actress. Known for her acting credits on both film and television, Melissa has evolved from playing teenybopper characters to more mature ones, including landing the lead role in Nasaan ka, Elisa? the local adaptation of a popular Chilean drama. Now a mother-to-be, Melissa still makes sure she stays stylish, rain or shine.

What do you wear on rainy days when you go to work?

My jackets, pullovers, leggings or shorts. For my footwear, I go with my jelly boots or Crocs, or any type of shoes that are safe to wear when it’s raining.

How do you keep your things safe and dry?

I use my waterproof bags.

Any advice to have a stylish outfit especially on rainy days?

Just be yourself and wear something that will make you feel comfy and warm.

Photo from official Facebook account of Atom Araullo
Photo from official Facebook account of Atom Araullo

Atom Araullo has become known for his daring reports—one of which was his famous live coverage of the devastation brought by Typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban City, Leyte. Because of his on-the-go lifestyle, this journalist makes sure that he’s always prepared for changes in the weather.

What do you usually wear on rainy days?

I have a gore-tex rain jacket, boots, and a foldable umbrella. If I’m covering floods or heavy rains, I use office-issued waders. I also wear a baseball hat under my hoodie because it helps keep the rain from dripping down my face. I also bring extra shirts and underwear.

How do you keep your things safe and dry?

I always bring a flashlight with a whistle. I also make sure I have a waterproof cellphone case, car inverter, headlamp, a first aid kit, a dry sack, etc. I use a go-pro camera for getting footage because it’s easy to use and it’s waterproof.

Photo from official Facebook account of Love Añover
Photo from official Facebook account of Love Añover

A host and a famous traffic reporter in a morning show, Love Anover’s booming voice can easily wake up the most stubborn of sleepyheads. Being in the business for more than a decade, her extensive experience with the busy roads of Metro Manila has equipped Love with daily girl-scout preparedness.

What do you have in bag when having a coverage outside of your office?

I bring rubber slippers, extra shirt and underwear in case I get wet during my coverage. Instead of lugging around a heavy umbrella, I prefer bringing a raincoat.

How do you keep you and your things safe and dry?

To ensure my safety, I always have my ballpen and keys. Since I go to different places, I make sure that my mind is focused and alert all the time. My Swiss pocketknife and other important things are kept in a ziplock to prevent them and my bag from getting wet.

Being stylish during rainy weather also means being safe from the downpour. Take your cue from these celebrities, who know how to prepare for emergencies while making sure they look good on camera.  Be weather-smart, and poise and confidence will be yours, any day of the season.