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Batangas Beach on a Budget? Try Layag-Layag!

Batangas is known for its breathtaking beaches that have been attracting hundreds of tourists each month.

Some of the well-known wonders of Batangas are Anilao, the jump-off point for dive sites, and Fortune Island that’s prominent for its Greek-inspired architectures. However, most accommodations in these sites are costly, which not everyone can afford.

The good news is I recently visited  a place in Batangas where you can have as much fun and adventure without breaking the bank!

Let me introduce to you Layag-Layag Island …. 

Photo of Clive Cuaresma

A few hours away from Manila, Layag-Layag is part of Barangay Papaya in Nasugbu Batangas. 

Layag-Layag Island Activities

Boat Ride
Witness amazing rock formations and feel the sea breeze in a half-an-hour boat ride before reaching your camp site. Your guide will provide you with life jackets which you will also use for your next adventures which are snorkeling and cliff jumping.

Photo by Clive Cuaresma

Photo by Clive Cuaresma

The first thing you want to do when you reach the camp site is to rest. Choose a perfect spot to build your tent and start preparing the food you will need for the rest of the day. You can’t rent tents there so be sure to bring your own. But I prefer just lying blankets on the sand to sleep.

Photo by Clive Cuaresma
Photo of Renz Antioquia
Photo by Renz Antioquia

The sand in Layag-Layag is white, and the water so clear you can see colorful little fishes swimming just by the shore line. Best to wear aqua shoes as the bottom can be rocky.
Photo of Renz Antioquia

If you prefer swimming in a less rocky and clearer water, there is this part of the beach which is partly hidden but worth the hunt.
Photo of Clive Cuaresma

Both swimmers and non-swimmers will definitely enjoy snorkelling! It may seem scary at the first try, because it feels entering a world you’ve never been before. But the reefs, fish and the rest of the underwater view are fascinating.
Photo by Shaira Camino
Snorkeling buddies; Photo of Renz Antioquia

There are nearby mountains which you can climb– just be sure to have someone with you who knows the route well.
Photo of Clive Cuaresma

Cliff Jumping
If you want to satisfy your adventure-hungry soul, go and try jumping off the cliff. It looks pretty scary, but all you need is courage. Leave everything behind, including fear. Take a leap and allow yourself to be embraced by the water.
Photo by Mariane Domingo

Photo by Mariane Domingo
Photo by Dianne Calosing

Fish Feeding
After swimming, it’s time to feed the fish! We brought a loaf of bread, which the schools of fishes enjoyed.
Photo of Dianne Calosing

How To Get There
From Buendia, Makati ride a bus bound to Nasugbu (3-hour trip)
(I suggest DLTB Co. bus terminal located in Taft avenue)
Ride a tricycle to get to Brgy. Papaya (30-minute trip)
The people there know about the beach; just ask where Layag-Layag is and they’ll help you get there.
Touch down at Brgy. Papaya; Photo of Rosselle Manuel
From here, it will take about an hour to reach your camp site.

P160-bus fare from Buendia to Nasugbu
P100-tricycle fare from Nasugbu to Brgy. Papaya
P350-2days, 1night Island Tour
(If you’re a group of more than 10 you will spend less because the tour costs P3,500 per group)
P500 –  food budget
P20 – eco-fee

What to bring
Toiletries (There is no shower or toilet in the island so make sure to bring all the essential hygiene products.)
Sleeping Bag 
Food and Water
Cellphone (The place has good mobile signal, so you can still keep in touch with family and friends.)

By Panahon TV Intern- Rosselle Manuel