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Favorable Weather Prevails on Mother’s Day

Annually, on the second Sunday of May, countries across the world honor mothers.
As you go about celebrating this special day, you and your mom can enjoy generally fair weather in the country.
According to PAGASA Weather Forecaster Meno Mendoza, the Ridge of High Pressure continues to dominate Northern and Central Luzon, while Easterlies prevail over the eastern section of Southern Luzon, as well as Visayas and Mindanao.
Ridge is an extension of a weather system associated with good weather conditions. High Pressure Area refers to the planet’s surface with a greater atmospheric region compared to its surrounding environment. It is also an anti-cyclone and causes warm and fair weather. On the other hand, Easterlies refer to warm and humid air coming from the Pacific Ocean, and can cause isolated rain showers or thunderstorms.
This Sunday, partly cloudy to cloudy skies and warm weather will prevail in Metro Manila and the rest of the country. However, there is still a chance of isolated rains in the latter part of the day when clouds precipitate after accumulating enough water during the warm days.
So, if you’re planning to take your mom to the park, mall, spa or movie house, make sure to hydrate properly. Also bring umbrellas in case it rains.