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DOCTOR’S ADVICE: Can tag-init trigger asthma?


Asthma is a common chronic disease among children. According to the World

Health Organization (WHO), 235 million people across the globe suffer from it.

By 2025, WHO projected 100 million people to suffer from the said disease.

Extremes of both high and low temperatures can trigger asthma. And since we

are experiencing above-normal high temperatures these days especially with the

effect of the El Niño, asthma attacks are on the rise.

But the good news, according to PAGASA Weather Forecaster Robert Badrina, is

that the El Niño will slightly subside in the coming weeks. In fact, we are now

transitioning into a neutral condition starting this month until July.

Knowing the signs and symptoms of asthma can prevent the attacks from

becoming severe.
tag init

Because asthma is a chronic breathing disorder, what we inhale can trigger

attacks. Here are some things to watch out for:

 indoor allergens (house dust , carpets and stuffed furniture, pollution

and pet dander)

 outdoor allergens (such as pollens and moulds);

 tobacco smoke

 chemical irritants

In case of an asthma attack, take only medication your doctor prescribed. If

you’re already experiencing a moderate or severe attack, better go to the

nearest hospital or clinic in your area. According to Dr. Reynaldo Salinel Jr.,

there are ways to prevent asthma attacks.

 Stay away from the triggers.

 Avoid too much stress and fatigue.

 During hot days, take a shower twice or thrice a day.