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How To Survive a Power Outage

Nowadays, going through a day without electricity seems like an insufferable feat. But with the Philippines being the most storm-exposed country in the world, power outages can happen as frequent as typhoons visiting our country. This is why these tips might come in handy the next time you need to survive a day without power.

Power Outage (1)

1. Unleash your competitiveness!
Whether it’s stretching your limbs in unthinkable ways during a game of Twister or making enemies by sweeping all properties in Monopoly, these good old-fashioned games are sure to ease your boredom and give you a good dose of laughter.

At night, you can also play hide and seek with your family. The eeriness that comes with the total darkness will surely add a whole new level of spookiness the game!

2. Play with your furry friends.
Without your phone and laptop as distractions, you can finally spend some quality time with your pets. Teach them tricks or rub their belly, and earn an instant cuddle buddy.

3. Hone your hidden talents.
Take your guitar out of its dusty case and learn the chords to your favorite song. You can even give your your pipes a good workout belting out Beyonce songs in preparation for your next videoke spree. Whatever your talent is, now is the perfect time to improve them.

4. Time to do some chores!
There’s no better time to give your home a good cleaning than now. Without the incessant need to check on you gadgets, you can finally focus on clearing stuff off your bed and actually having a space to sleep.

5. Take a stroll around the block.
While strolling down the quiet streets of your neighborhood, you can use the time to clear your head and think. You can also just enjoy the buzzing of cicadas, the light of the moon overhead and, if you live far away from the city, the warm glow of fireflies against the stillness of the night.

6. Enjoy a candle lit dinner
Make your dinner classier and more romantic by dotting the table with candles. Enjoy your meal with the soothing rhythm of rain pattering down the roof. Whip up something warm and comforting, like a pot of sinigang, and afterwards, a steaming cup of tea, hot chocolate or coffee.

7. Prepare to tell your scariest stories
The darkness and silence go well with a good ghost story. Use your flashlight for a full-on scary effect, and enjoy screams and squeals of your family and friends.

8. Catch up on your sleep
You can finally get your much needed sleep with no one calling your phone or badgering your social media accounts. Let your body get some rest so you’ll feel recharged when the lights come on.

So the next time you find yourself enveloped in darkness with no electrical gadgets to turn to, remember that it’s not the end of the world! If you allow your creativity to take over, you’ll find many ways to make sure that the powerless hours can still be well spent.