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Say “I DO” to these June Bride Tips

Aside from being Back-to-School season, the month of June is also a popular time for weddings. This popularity can be traced back to the ancient times when Romans celebrated a festival in honor of Juno, the wife of Jupiter and the Goddess of marriage and childbirth on the first of June. Even the term “honeymoon” is associated with this month, referring to the first moon after the Summer Solstice. During those times, couples believed that a marriage in June was blessed by the gods.

Planning for a wedding requires a lot of preparation. As a June bride, here are some tips to ensure that you’ll walk down the aisle as your most beautiful, glowing version:

Photo credit: Jay Calvin Larrosa
Photo credit: Jay Calvin Larrosa

Look Wow in Your Wedding Gown
Choose a silhouette that highlights your assets and conceals your less-favorable traits. Check out the recommended style for your body type.

Petite brides should avoid highlighting their small frame. Choose airy sheaths and structured trumpet-style dresses instead of the big, frothy ball gowns that can dwarf you.

Silver embroidery can add infinite allure but not a bit of bulk to a simple silhouette. A lace illusion neckline will also create a slimming look when paired with a cummerbund-style waistline.

You have two choices: reveal or conceal. Either way, finding the right gown starts with pinpointing the perfect neckline. Try a dress with straps and a full skirt to balance your busty frame.

You actually have lots of options to choose from. A wedding dress with a slit works great in showing off your legs. You may also choose a voluminous peplum skirt that acts as a stand in for curvy hips.

Hourglass Body Types
Work your feminine curves in a bodycon bridal gown or hide your hips in a big ball gown. Either way, the dress should show off your trim mid section.

Make Up Magic
A make up trial is recommended to achieve the perfect bridal look. After a makeup trial, take a photo of yourself (preferably without flash) to see how it looks on you.

Emphasize your eyes but make sure to brighten up dark spots using a corrector or concealer. Focus on the most important elements of your look – natural glowing skin, groomed brows and feathery lashes.

There are lots of wedding make up sites that you can surf for application methods, as well as the best products that provide long and superior wear while maintaining skin health.

Hair Flair
Consider the shape of your face in choosing the best hairstyle. It’s all about symmetry, proportion and balance.

Round face
Avoid short curly styles and cuts ending between ear and chin length, for these will make your face look wider. A fringe with soft layers and a long bob may minimize the fullness of your face and help elongate your face.

Square face
Textures like curls or a cut with choppy ends will soften your strong face. Long hairstyles will also slim and elongate your face. Curls, waves, wispy layers or an asymmetric fringe can also soften your features.

Triangle or heart shaped face
Avoid short styles, strong angles and style that have too much height at the crown. You can try a longer length, with fullness and texture to balance out your face.

Oblong face
You have to add width, not height. If you opt for a long style, try curls or layers that hit the jawline to give width around the cheeks and detract from the long shape of your face. Shorter styles may also work to add fullness at the cheeks.

Pre-wedding skincare is also important to achieve glowing skin. Use antioxidants, vitamins, moisturizer and cleanser to give you clean and clear skin. Exfoliation can also help to remove dead and dull skin. There are various products and services to boost your beautiful skin, but it’s always best to consult a dermatologist before doing any regimen.

Fit for a Bride
To maintain your wedding figure, map out a fitness or diet plan. Avoid sugar, fatty or processed food. Eat healthy by focusing on fruits and vegetables.

A good workout will firm your body muscles and boost your energy, preparing you to be “on the go” for your wedding.

Another must for a bride-to-be is quality sleep. You would not want wrinkles, dark circles or puffiness to gatecrash your event, right? So have enough sleep as much as possible.

Consider the weather!
According to PAGASA, the onset of rainy season usually falls in the middle part of June. If you have booked your special day this month, expect a higher chance of rain. To have a worry-free wedding, prepare enough umbrellas and assure that these are on standby during the event.

If you’re planning to hold your reception outdoors, have tents prepared. Tents must be big enough to cover the entire area including the guests’ tables, food, stage and dance floor.

You can also take this opportunity to make the most of the rainy weather to add romantic flavor in your wedding photos. Ask suggestions from your photographers on how to make your day memorable even under the rain.

Before saying the magic words to the man of your life, consider these tips to make your wedding day extra special. Congratulations and best wishes, June brides!