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How to Keep Your Car Cool

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To keep your cool while driving, it’s also important to keep your car cool. To stave off the intense heat this season, motorists, once again, turn to their cars’ air conditioning for salvation. Here’s how you can give your A/C some much-needed TLC.

Aircon Anatomy
To better care for your car’s A/C, it pays to be familiar with its different parts and functions.
• Compressor- pressurizes the refrigerant into hot liquid.
• Condenser – cools down hot refrigerant liquid, turning it into gas.
• Expansion Valve – removes pressure from the refrigerant as it transforms from liquid into vapor.
• Drier- eliminates moisture.
• Evaporator – fully evaporates the liquid, and further cools the air, which the A/C’s fan blows into the car.

Air Conditioning Care

Autoindustriya, one of the country’s leading automotive sources, gives us the lowdown on how to maximize our car’s air conditioner without wearing it out.

Say no to oil-based air fresheners.

Oil gathers dirt as it evaporates, posing threat to your air conditioner. Remember dirt can
clog your A/C, causing it to function poorly.

Cleanliness begets coolness.

Because dirt is a common culprit of faulty air conditioning, regularly vacuum the passenger side, especially its floor area, because this is where the A/C gets its air. This is also the reason why pets should be relegated to the back, to prevent their hair from getting sucked into the air conditioner.

Avoid parking on an uphill slope.

Doing so will prevent the accumulated water and moisture in the evaporator to drain out of the vehicle, and instead, trickle onto the passenger side. This can cause mold and bacteria to grow on the carpet, which can add to air impurities.

Avoid tailgating.

Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you so your radiator and condenser won’t be directly behind the car’s exhaust. When you allow a gap of 2-3 meters between you and the car ahead of you, fresh air can enter your condenser, allowing you to enjoy cooler temperatures.

Run your A/C regularly.

Make sure you run the A/C for about five minutes daily so the compressor oil can lubricate your cooling unit. Aside from cleaning your air conditioner regularly, Brent Co, General Manager of Autoindustriya, recommends regularly checking your cooling system to make sure there is a good mix of water and coolant. “Change coolant (blue or green-colored) every 18-24 months for older cars. Some long-life OAT (Organic Acid Technology)-based coolant (red-colored) has longer drain interval. Have your radiator fan checked also.”

Air conditioning is your friend, more so during this Hot and Dry Season. Temperatures may be soaring, but you can keep your own temper in check, if you’re driving in cool comfort and ease.