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Fair weather on the first of March

No weather disturbance is expected to threaten the Philippines within the next three days.

Today, the weak northeast monsoon brings, at times cloudy skies and isolated light rains, over the islands of Batanes, Calayan and Babuyan.

The remaining parts of the country, including Metro Manila, will have a fair weather apart from localized thunderstorms.

MTSAT Image from PAGASA.
MTSAT Image from PAGASA.

Meanwhile, March 20 marks the beginning of Spring in the Northern hemisphere with the vernal equinox.

The word “equinox” translates to “equal night”, wherein the Sun crosses directly over the Earth’s equator making the day and night almost equal in length all over the globe.

As the people in the north welcomes Spring, those below the equator, will experience lowering of temperatures as the autumnal equinox sets in.

This astronomical phenomenon occurs in the northern hemisphere every year –the vernal equinox around March 20 or 21 and the autumnal equinox during September 22 or 23. People south of the equator also experience the same in opposite dates.